IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator, Version 7.1

Connection Errors

The Connection Errors tab is where you configure connection resilience, that is automated behavior to take when the connection that your component has made, fails.

Optionally, when you select Retry Connect on Initial Connection Failure, you can configure whether your connection attempt will throw an exception when it fails during startup, or whether it will retry. If this flag is set, and a connection cannot be established when the connector is being initialized, a "reconnect" attempt will be made; it is not really a reconnect, since a connection was not established in the first place, but generally the same mechanism as for the situations that can occur when an established connection is lost.

Connector Editor, Connection Errors tab.
For established connections, the remaining parameters have the following significance:
Auto Reconnect on Connection Loss
If this flag is set, and the connection is lost after the connector is initialized, a reconnect attempt will be made.
Number Of Retries
The number of times a reconnect attempt will be made when a problem occurs, before giving up. If a new problem occurs later on, the same number of attempts will be made.
Delay Between Retries
The number of seconds to wait between each reconnect attempt, and before the first reconnect attempt.
Auto Skip Forward
After a reconnect, automatically skip forward as many times as the number of successful reads.
Built-in reconnect rules
These tie in with the Reconnect Rule Engine; see the corresponding chapter in the IBM® Tivoli® Directory Integrator V7.1 Installation and Administrator Guide
for more information.

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