IBM Supply Chain Intelligence Suite overview

IBM Supply Chain Intelligence Suite combines the power of AI and the speed of automation to help you quickly gauge the status of your supply chain and take action when disruptions occur.

The cloud service ingests data from your supply chain and visualizes it in dashboards, widgets, and list views. The result is an aggregated, unified view of your supply chain that reveals patterns and trends across multiple siloed data sources.

With IBM Supply Chain Intelligence Suite, your business can make use of the following flows:
  • Manage by exception with prioritized work queues that expose supply chain issues and relevant resolutions.
  • Actionable workflows that meet your unique requirements and detailed process steps required to take actions within your source transactional systems.
  • AI insights that provide predictions to help you understand what can happen before it does.
  • A standardized data platform that allows augmentation of any current supply chain system and is easily extended with new pre-built capabilities and services from business and implementation partners and from IBM. This is all possible because of an ecosystem that includes easily accessible connectors to supply chain applications, and applications and add-ons that increase the scope of capability by providing extension points to additional industry and domain flows.

    Business and implementation partners can integrate systems of record to provide an aggregated view of data and to drive actions back for execution. They can extend the scope of the Control Tower dashboards, metrics, work queues, and AI skills to fit every business need.

Here are a few examples of how these flows can be applied by industry:
  • Retail: Get near real-time, SKU-level visibility into store inventory to prevent open space on shelves. Track supply and demand across systems and ensure that they are accurately aggregated.
  • Manufacturing: Identify shortages and get visibility to in-transit supply components. Collaborate with internal teams and suppliers to resolve issues. Manage and resolve part shortages in a single interface.
  • Healthcare: Gain visibility into supply and demand gaps for critical items at PAR locations and at the hospital network level. Forecast burn and depletion rates by SKUs and predict consumable item usage. Modernize inventory management to improve efficiency and focus on patient care.

The Supply Chain Intelligence Suite consists of two applications that promote visibility, traceability, and resiliency throughout your supply chain: Control Tower and Transparent Supply.