Peppol flow

IBM provides a Peppol access point so that you can use Supply Chain Business Network to send and receive documents with European government entities or trading partners that require Peppol.

Peppol access points connect users to the Peppol network and enable the exchange of eProcurement documents based on the Peppol specifications. The Peppol network is based on the principle that buyers and sellers choose their service providers according to their own technical and commercial business needs. A trading partner cannot require a specific provider.

The following diagram illustrates the 4-Corner model.

A supplier links to a certified access point and a public sector provider links to a certified access point, then those access points facilitate communications between the two to process the transaction.

The Peppol network uses dynamic routing through a Service Metadata Provider (SMP). When a document is destined for another access point, the sending access point calls the receiver's SMP to retrieve connection details. The sending access point then establishes the connection to the receiving access point and delivers the Peppol file. The receiving access point then delivers the data to the intended recipient.