Hardware requirements

Note: IBM Spectrum Scale container native supports only on-premises environments (customer infrastructure) and does not support cloud environments.


  • All nodes in a compute cluster must be able to communicate with all nodes in a storage cluster.
  • A minimum of 10 Gb network is needed but 40 - 100 Gb is recommended.
  • RDMA for InfiniBand or RoCE for Ethernet is not supported

Worker node requirements

The following table lists the minimum and recommended worker node requirements per each OpenShift Container Platform worker node.

The IBM Spectrum Scale container native that is running on the OpenShift Container Platform recommends a minimum of three worker nodes for the cluster. It supports a maximum of 128 worker nodes.

Table 1. Hardware requirements
Architecture Minimum Recommended
  CPU (Cores) Memory (GB) CPU (Cores) Memory (GB)
x86_64 8 16 16 64
PPC64LE 8 16 16 64
s390x 4 8 8 16

IBM Spectrum Scale storage cluster (remote cluster)

The IBM Spectrum Scale storage cluster that is used as a remote cluster must run IBM Spectrum Scale or later.