IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On, Version 8.2

Creating users manually

You can create and designate a DB2® user in IBM® DB2 that the IMS Server can use to connect to the database. This task is optional.

Before you begin

Log on to the database server with administrator privileges.

About this task

This task is optional.

The DB2 user account you create must have privileges to connect to the database, create tables, and create packages. A common user name is db2admin, but you can assign any user name as long as the account has administrative access. Avoid changing the user name after creating it.


  1. Create an operating system user with administrative privileges (member of the local administrators group). For example: imsdb2admin.
  2. Use one of the following methods to create and assign DB2 privileges to the user:
    • Use the DB2 Control Center:
      1. Open DB2 Control Center.
      2. If the Control Center View is displayed, select Advanced.
      3. Click OK.
      4. In Object View, expand the object tree for the IMS Server database that you are authorizing a user to use. Expand the object tree until you find the User and Group Objects folder.
      5. Click User and Group Objects.
      6. Right-click DB Users.
      7. Click Add.
      8. In Users, specify the user account that was created in step 1. For example: imsdb2admin.
      9. In the Authorities field, select the following check boxes:
        • Connect to database
        • Create tables
        • Create packages
      10. Click OK.
    • Use the DB2 command line processor to execute the following SQL statement.
      Note: Before executing the SQL statement, replace the variables in the SQL statement with your values.
      connect to <ims database>;  
      grant createtab,bindadd,connect on database to user <DB2 user>;  
      connect reset;
      For example: The following SQL statement grants the necessary privileges for the database imsdb to the user imsdb2admin:
      connect to imsdb;  
      grant createtab,bindadd,connect on database to user imsdb2admin;  
      connect reset;