Import the Video Manager's certificate to the Conference Manager

On the computer hosting the Conference Manager, import the SSL certificate from the Sametime® Video Manager.

About this task

The certificate is valid for one year. For information about extending the validity of the certificate, see the tech note Sametime 9 Video Manager - Default root certificate expires in one year.


  1. On the computer hosting the deployment manager for the Conference Manager component, log in to the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console as the WebSphere administrator.

    Typically, the Sametime System Console is the deployment manager, and the URL is: http://SSC_host_name:8700/ibm/console

    If you installed the Conference Manager in its own cell, then the deployment manager is hosted on the same server as the Conference Manager, so the URL is: http://Conference_Manager_host_name:8800/ibm/console

  2. Click Security > SSL certificate and key management > Key stores and certificates.
  3. On the Key stores and certificates page, select the CellDefaultTrustStore.
  4. Click Signer certificates > Retrieve from port.
  5. On the Retrieve from port page, click and provide the Video Manager's host name and port.

    The Video Manager server's port is 5061 by default; to determine the Video Manager server's port, complete the following steps:

    1. On the computer hosting the Video Manager, browse to the WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console and log in as the WebSphere administrator.
    2. Click Servers > WebSphere application servers.
    3. In the list of application servers, click STMediaServer.
    4. On the Configuration tab, click Ports.
    5. In the Ports table, look for SIP_DEFAULTHOST_SECURE and note the port number.
  6. Provide an alias for the Video Manager's certificate.
  7. Click Retrieve signer information.
  8. Restart the Conference Manager.
  9. Restart the Sametime System Console.