What is IBM Runbook Automation?

Use IBM® Runbook Automation to build and execute runbooks that can help IT staff to solve common operational problems. IBM Runbook Automation can automate procedures that do not require human interaction, thereby increasing the efficiency of IT operations processes. Operators can spend more time innovating and are freed from performing time-consuming manual tasks.

Which problem does IBM Runbook Automation address?
IT systems are growing. The number of events are increasing, and the pressure to move from finding problems to fixing them is increasing. IBM Runbook Automation supports operational and expert teams in developing consistent and reliable procedures for daily operational tasks.
How can I simplify daily operational tasks?
Using IBM Runbook Automation, you can record standard manual activities, so that they are run consistently across the organization. The next step is to replace manual steps with script-based tasks.
What is a runbook?
A runbook is a controlled set of automated and manual steps that support system and network operational processes. A runbook orchestrates all types of infrastructure elements, like applications, network components, or servers.

IBM Runbook Automation helps users to define, build, orchestrate, and manage Runbooks and provides metrics about runbooks. A knowledge base is built up over time and the collaboration is fostered between Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and operational staff.

Video: Why IBM Runbook Automation Makes IT Ops Teams Efficient