Installing the software on Windows

To get started with Rational® Test Automation Server, you must first install the software. However, before installing the software, you must consider some prerequisites such as system requirements and licensing. You can install the software by using a stand-alone installer either in the GUI mode or in the silent mode.

Rational Test Automation Server for Windows is provided for evaluation purposes. It is intended for non-production use, for example, trials and demonstrations. It is neither supported nor recommended for production use due to insufficient stability and reliability of Docker for Windows while running Linux images at the time of release.

Rational Test Automation Server is tested on both Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition and it operates correctly. However, it is suitable and supported for non-production use only. If native Linux is unavailable, you can run Rational Test Automation Server for production use on a Linux virtual machine hosted on a Windows machine, provided that the Linux virtual machine is running a supported version of Linux.

Note: Only Linux containers are supported on Windows. While installing Docker for Windows, you must select the Linux container.