Lesson 5: Adding the Email tab to layouts

The Email tab on incidents shows email messages that have been associated with the incident.

About this task

If your organization was created on Resilient V32 or later, an Email tab is preconfigured when you open an incident and you do not need to complete this lesson.

If your organization was created before V32, you must manually add the Email tab from Customization Settings > Layouts.

Complete the following steps to manually add the Email tab to the incidents tabs.


  1. Select Customization Settings > Layouts.
  2. From the Layouts screen, select Incident Tabs >Manage Tabs..
  3. Click the + icon to add a new tab, as follows:
    • In the Tab Text field, enter a name for the tab, such as Email.
    • For Tab Visible, accept Yes, which is the default.
    • Click Add.
  4. Select Layouts > Incident Tabs > Email tab.
  5. From the Views section on the right, add the Email widget by dragging and dropping it to the Drag fields here box.
  6. Click Save.


You have added a functioning Email tab to the incident tabs for organizations created earlier than Resilient V32.

Lesson checkpoint

The Email tab shows the email associated with the incident and shows the mailbox from which the email originated.

In this lesson, you learned how to add the Email tab to incidents using layouts. This is only necessary for Resilient organizations created before Resilient V32.