Email Security – Defanging URLs

When sending the contents of an artifact within an email notification, any web and IP addresses are automatically “defanged” to prevent the user from inadvertently clicking a malicious link.

The following occurs when URLs are defanged:
You may have a number of legitimate domains that you do not wish to be defanged. In this case, you can create a whitelist that allows the specific domains to remain untouched. To see the current setting of the whitelist, enter the following command:
sudo resutil configget –key whitelist_defang_domains
Use the following command to create the whitelist. For multiple domains, use a comma (,) as a separator.
sudo resutil configset –key whitelist_defang_domains -svalue ${domain}
The following example adds the and domains to the whitelist:
sudo resutil configset –key whitelist_defang_domains -svalue,