COBOL Software Development Kit (COBOL SDK)

Rational® Programming Patterns provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) to target the developments in a specific language or for a particular operating environment. To use this Software Development Kit, you must access the Rational Programming Patterns COBOL facet.

To display the COBOL facet, select Window > Preferences > Pattern Driven Programming. In this preference, select COBOL as the active and the default facet.

The entities of the COBOL facet are managed in the Design Explorer view. There are two entity types:
  • The entities that are dedicated to the management of the COBOL code
  • The generic entities that are used to manage the other source codes (text, DDL, or Java™ for example)

The COBOL facet is centered around the definition of Skeletons. Defining Skeleton is then the first task that an architect or an administrator must complete. Skeletons can be dedicated to the management of the COBOL code or can be generic to be adapted to other source codes.

To manage COBOL code, you must use COBOL Skeletons to generate COBOL Programs or Copybooks. When the generation is completed, the code opens by default in the PDP COBOL editor.

To manage another source code, you must use generic Skeletons to generate Source Codes. A Source Code editor is provided.

You can modify the generated code. You can access the Design and Generated Code Structure views to see, modify, restore, and regenerate the code more easily.
Note: The Design view is empty. It is deprecated and will be removed in a future version.
You can extend the functions of the Rational Programming Patterns Software Development Kit. Wizards are available to help you create plug-ins to complete the following actions:
  • Create COBOL micropatterns.
  • Create patterns, which constitute complete sets, to generate a code other than the COBOL code (Java for example). A sample pattern is provided for a DDL generation.
  • Describe custom quality rules for the design entities and the generated code.