Restart Workflow Instance

Verb: restartWorkflow

Restart the execution of the current Workflow instance.

1. Workflow is a process flow control engine. A Workflow represents a process within a BPMN file.
2. Instance represents the item that should be processed. It is the variable responsible for receiving data for the Workflow execution, assigning each task to its respective process.


restartWorkflow --instance(WorkflowInstance) (WorkflowInstance)=value


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--instance Workflow Instance Required Workflow Instance Current Workflow instance to be restarted.


Script Designer AcceptedTypes Description
value Instance Workflow Instance Returns an instance with the same attributes as the one informed in the Workflow Instance parameter, however, with its updated information after the restart.


The Restart Workflow Instance command restarts the execution of the Workflow instance, previously created by the Create Workflow Instance command.

defVar --name mappedWorkflow --type Workflow
defVar --name a --type Numeric --value 0
defVar --name workflow --type Workflow
defVar --name workflowInstance --type WorkflowInstance
defVar --name restartedInstance --type WorkflowInstance
// Download the following file to run the command.
loadWorkflow --isfromfile  --file "bpmnTestVar.bpmn" --process "Id_f12b1ed6-0ecd-4bf7-b245-9bf31b63e900" workflow=value
mapWorkflowActivities --workflow ${workflow} --mappings "Task_inc=beginSubroutine" mappedWorkflow=value
goSub --label beginSubroutine
// Create an instance using the Mapped Workflow ID.
createWorkflowInstance --workflow ${workflow} --businessstatus "In Progress" --businessstatusreason "Developing Script" workflowInstance=value
// Restart an instance
restartWorkflow --instance ${workflowInstance} restartedInstance=value
logMessage --message "${restartedInstance}" --type "Info"
beginSub --name beginSubroutine
	while --left "${a}" --operator "Less_Than" --right 5
		incrementVar --number ${a}
Download File
To run the sample script, it is necessary to download the file and inform its path in the File parameter of the Load Workflow command.


This command should be inserted into the script only if it is outside the context of the Execute Workflow Instance command.

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