Installing the certificate manually

The IBM RPA installer automatically installs the certificate on your computer. However, you can also install the certificate manually if you are experiencing errors with your certificate or if you are registering your computer to a new tenant.

About this task

You might need to install your certificate manually if:

  • You did not specify the Tenant code during the installation
  • You have recently changed your tenant
  • The current certificate is invalid or corrupted
  • You are experiencing errors when trying to run scheduled bots

Before you begin

  • Your IBM RPA user must have permissions to manage computers. The Business operator role has these permissions.
  • Your Windows user needs administrator rights.


Follow the procedure below to install a certificate:

Getting the computer's hostname

  1. Open the Windows command prompt or PowerShell.
  2. Type hostname and copy the output.

Downloading and installing the certificate

  1. Log in to the IBM RPA Control Center.

  2. Click the Computers page under the Define section, and search for the computer's hostname.

    The Computers page under the Define section

    Searching the computer's name

  3. Back to the Computers page, select the computer that you want and click the vertical ellipsis button ⋮ > Download certificate.

    Download certificate

    For versions older than IBM RPA 20.12: Click the vertical ellipsis button ⋮ > Download certificate (Legacy).

    Download legacy certificate

    Important:Starting from version 23.0.10, you can no longer download legacy certificates. If you are experiencing problems with the certificate, update IBM RPA to a newer version.
  4. Double-click the downloaded certificate to install it.

Remember:The legacy certificate name must contain the computer's hostname.

Silent install

Alternatively, you can run a silent installation of the certificate using either the Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell:

  1. Open your terminal of choice.

  2. Navigate to the directory that contains the certificate file:

    cd C:\Path\to\the\directory
  3. Run the file with the following command:


    Remember to replace CERTIFICATE_FILE_NAME with the name of the certificate file with its extension.


You get a notification indicating that the certificate was installed successfully.