Tutorial: Setting values to an application with recorder

Learn how to use the Set Value and Set Execution Throttling commands to set values in a sample application.

Before you begin

This procedure uses the IBM RPA Studio's recorder to record controls. It assumes that you installed the drivers that are needed to record Windows™ or Java™ applications, and started a driver.

Before you proceed with the procedure, make sure you comply with the following requirements:

  • Product requirements
    IBM RPA Studio license

  • User requirements
    You must have permission to use the IBM RPA Studio application.

    For more information about how to manage user's roles and permissions, see Managing user's roles.

  • Computer requirements
    Use screen scale at 100% when mapping controls.


The following video explains how to set values in controls of the application by using the Set Value and Set Execution Throttling commands. You can follow both the video and the written steps to proceed with the procedure.

Complete the following steps to set values with the Set Value command by using the IBM RPA Studio's recorder:

  1. Log in to IBM RPA Studio.
  2. Create a new script or open an existing script.
  3. In the Home tab, click Start Recorder.
  4. With the application open, hover the mouse cursor over the control and press the Ctrl key until it is highlighted in green.
  5. Click the Actions menu and select Set Values > By id and Name.
  6. Type the value in the Value parameter.
  7. Save the command.

What to do next

Follow the Getting values from application controls with recorder and Clicking to application controls with the recorder tutorials to extend this one with more actions. They follow the same script logic that appears in the previous video.