Using IBM Robotic Process Automation

The following list is the documentation of IBM Robotic Process Automation's components, technologies, and automation concepts for you to employ on your IBM RPA bots.

    See how to use the IBM RPA API to manage and interact with IBM RPA resources and scripts.

  • IBM RPA Studio
    IBM RPA Studio is the low code authoring tool for developing scripts.

  • IBM RPA Studio's recorder
    The recorder is a tool in IBM RPA Studio to map graphical user interface controls and automatically create commands in your script.

  • IBM RPA Launcher
    IBM RPA Launcher is a tool used to launch scripts manually. In this application, the scripts are bound to buttons that the user can click to start the scripts on demand.

  • IBM RPA Control Center
    IBM RPA Control Center is the control room to manage your server environment. You can manage resources like scripts and computers, set scripts to run, track data in dashboards, among other features. In the on-premises offering, you can also manage the server resources.

  • IBM RPA Always On
    IBM RPA Always On is a component that safely disconnects you from an RDP connection to a computer, keeping resources enabled for bot operations.

  • IBM RPA Vault
    IBM RPA Vault stores encrypted credentials. You can safely manage credentials and use them in your scripts.

  • Artificial intelligence
    Explore IBM RPA's artificial intelligence capabilities, which includes basic machine learning and natural language processing algorithms. You can also leverage these capabilities to develop digital assistants.

  • Automating tasks
    IBM RPA is capable of automating different types of tasks involving web browsers, desktop environments, terminal emulators, SAP windows, emails and many more.

  • Developing scripts
    A script is a collection of commands defining the actions of a bot. This topic compiles everything related to the basics of IBM RPA scripts' development.

  • Deploying scripts
    Explore the different ways to deploy your scripts, and learn which methods are the most appropriate for your needs and requirements.

  • Orchestrating scripts
    Combine message queues with IBM RPA's orchestrator technology to orchestrate scripts on your computers.

  • Integrating IBM RPA with other applications
    You can connect IBM Robotic Process Automation to various systems and services, and use their features for automation.