Getting access to the new container images in an offline environment

To get access to the new IBM RPA container images, you must have an IBM entitlement registry key to pull the images from the IBM docker registry.

Note:You can skip this step if you are using an online environment.


  1. On your bastion host, log in to the Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform cluster as a cluster administrator:

    oc login <cluster host:port> --username=<cluster admin user> --password=<cluster admin password>
  2. Set an environment variable for the namespace where you want to install the IBM RPA operator, replacing <YOUR_NAMESPACE> with the name of your namespace.

    oc project $NAMESPACE
  3. Delete the catalog source so that the operator picks up the most recent images. Use the following command:

    oc delete catalogsource ibm-robotic-process-automation-catalog -n openshift-marketplace
  4. On your bastion host, set the following environment variables with the installer image name and the image inventory:

    export CASE_NAME=ibm-robotic-process-automation
    export CASE_INVENTORY_SETUP=rpaOperatorSetup
  5. Go to the IBM RPA archive version folder, select the folder with the most recent version, and download the .tgz file. Then, use the following command to save the image inventory to the offline store:

    cloudctl case save --case ${CASE_NAME}-${RPA_VERSION}.tgz --outputdir $HOME/offline/
    Note:Replace with the operator version number.
  6. Set environment variables for the bastion registry connection information:

    export LOCAL_REGISTRY=<Bastion registry hostname>
    export LOCAL_REGISTRY_USER=<registry user>
    export LOCAL_REGISTRY_PASS=<registry password>
  7. Mirror the images to the local registry. The cloudctl case launch command is used to preserve manifest digests when an image is moved from one registry to another:

    cloudctl case launch \
    --case ${CASE_NAME}-${RPA_VERSION}.tgz \
    --namespace $NAMESPACE \
    --inventory $CASE_INVENTORY_SETUP \
    --action mirror-images \
    --args "--registry $LOCAL_REGISTRY --user $LOCAL_REGISTRY_USER --pass $LOCAL_REGISTRY_PASS --inputDir $HOME/offline"
  8. Use the following command to install the new catalog sources:

    cloudctl case launch \
    --case ${CASE_NAME}-${RPA_VERSION}.tgz \
    --namespace $NAMESPACE \
    --inventory $CASE_INVENTORY_SETUP \
    --action install-catalog \
    --args "--registry $LOCAL_REGISTRY --inputDir $HOME/offline"

To continue the process of upgrading IBM RPA on Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform, see Upgrading dependencies.