SecureString variable type

The SecureString variable type is used to store confidential protected text. You initialize this variable when getting credentials from IBM RPA Vault with the Get Vault Item command.

SecureStrings doesn't persist in computer memory for a long time. The data is persisted only during the bot's runtime.

You can only initialize this variable using the Get Vault Item (getVaultItem) command. You can't convert this variable to any other type.

The following table shows the commands that accept SecureString as input values.

Command label Command verb
Select Item in Combo Box webSetComboBox
Set Value to Field webSet
Watch and Set Credentials in Browser watchAndSetBrowserCredentials
Create Proxy createProxy
HTTP Request httpRequest
HTTP Stream to File httpStreamToFile
SOAP Request soapRequest
SSH Login startSSH
Start Telnet Connection startTelnet
Web Service Request webService
Connect to SMTP Server smtpConnect
Connect to IMAP Email Server imapConnect
Connect to Outlook Server outlookConnect
Connect to Exchange Email Server exchangeConnect
Connect to MySQL mysqlConnect
Connect to ODBC odbcConnect
Connect to Oracle oracleConnect
Connect to PostgreSQL postgreConnect
Connect to SQL Server sqlServerConnect
Connect to SQLite sqliteConnect
Connect to Azure Storage connectAzureStorage
Connect to Rabbit MQ connectRabbitMQ
Connect to Terminal via SSH terminalSshConnect
Assign Value to Field terminalSetField
Connect to Remote Desktop rdpConnect
Launch SAP Application startSAPSession
Set Grid Value setGridValue
Set Value setValue
Open Office File officeOpen
Open Excel File excelOpen
Protect Excel File protectExcel
Unlock Excel File unprotectExcel
Compare PDFs comparePDFs
Decrypt PDF File decryptPdf
Encrypt PDF File encryptPdf
Open PDF File pdfOpen
Connect to a GoIP Provider goipConnect