Database connection failed error when trying to use an Oracle connection with the IBM RPA Studio's report tool

When you try to use the Oracle™ connection in IBM RPA Studio's report tool, you get the Database connection failed error message.

Before you begin

  • You must have an Oracle listener setup.
  • You must have an Oracle account and environment setup.
  • When using the command prompt to register the DLL, a pop-up requiring a redistributable installation can appear. You must install this redistributable application.
  • The following procedure applies only when the Oracle database and IBM RPA Studio are in the same machine or virtual machine, otherwise, you won't have the tnsnames.ora file on the client machine.
  • During the Oracle client installation, check the Configure ODP.NET and/or Oracle Providers for ASP.NET checkbox.


  1. After downloading Oracle(like version v19c), you must register the Oracle.DataAccess.dll. See Register the Oracle.DataAccess.dll assembly External link.
  2. In the IBM RPA Studio reports tool on the field Server Name, add the SID instance name. You can identify it by either looking at the tsname.ora file or running the SELECT INSTANCE FROM v$thread command in the Database console.

When following the procedure, check:

  • If you can access the database from the machine with IBM RPA Studio;
  • If you have an active user/schema;
  • If the tnsnames.ora is correctly configured.