Count Text Characters

Verb: getStringLength

Counts the characters of a text, returning the total amount.


getStringLength --text(String) (Numeric)=value


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--text Text Required Text Text of which the number of characters is counted.


Script Designer AcceptedTypes Description
value Length Number Number of characters counted from Text.


Gets the amount of characters contained in the text "Leader in Intelligent Automation".

defVar --name inputText --type String --value "Leader in Intelligent Automation."
defVar --name textLength --type Numeric
// Count the characters of the input text.
getStringLength --text "${inputText}" textLength=value
logMessage --message "${textLength}" --type "Info"
// This example produces the following result:
// 75


All character types are considered in Count Text Characters, including numbers, special characters, spacing, and tabs.

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