Change Text Case

Verb: changeTextCase

Changes letter case of one or more input texts to Upper, Lower, Title or Sentence case.


changeTextCase --text(String) --type(TextCaseType) (String)=value


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--text Text Required Text Text that should have its letter case changed
--type Alter to Required TextCaseType Type of case change, available options are:
  • Upper: Changes all text characters to uppercase;
  • Lower: Changes all text characters to lowercase;
  • Title: Changes the first letter of all words in a text to uppercase;
  • Sentence: Changes to uppercase only the first letter of the first word of a text.
  • Outputs

    Script Designer AcceptedTypes Description
    value Text Text Text with the new letter case.


    Example 1: Changes the text case of "Sample Text" to Upper.

    defVar --name outputText --type String
    defVar --name inputText --type String --value "Sample Text"
    // Change text case to Uppercase.
    changeTextCase --text "${inputText}" --type "Upper" outputText=value
    logMessage --message "${outputText}" --type "Info"
    // This example produces the following result:
    // "SAMPLE TEXT"

    Example 2: Changes the text case of "SAMPLE TEXT" to Title.

    ```  {: codeblock}

    defVar --name inputText --type String --value "SAMPLE TEXT" defVar --name outputText --type String // Change the text formatting to Title. changeTextCase --text "${inputText}" --type "Title" outputText=value logMessage --message "${outputText}" --type "Info" // This example produces the following result: // "Sample Text"

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