Client settings

This section details the Client settings interface in the IBM RPA Control Center.

The provided installation key is used to securely register a computer with the IBM Robotic Process Automation server. It is only required when installing a new computer, the upgrading procedure is not affected.

Before you begin

To perform the following procedures, your user needs permission to update tenant configuration.
See the Checking user permissions topic to learn how to check your user permissions.

Copying the installation key

  1. Log in to IBM RPA Control Center 🡥.
  2. From the Administer menu, click Tenants > Tenant configuration > Client settings.
  3. Click the Copy button to copy the key to your clipboard.

If you're installing the client, run the installer and, at the Client and Server Connection step, enter the installation key. Finish the installation to complete the process. For more information, see Installing IBM Robotic Process Automation.

Resetting the installation key

To reset the installation key, click on the Reset button. A pop up should notify the reset status. Resetting the key won't affect already installed computers, but keep in mind that it will invalidate the previous key. Future installations must use the new key.