Write Table to File

Verb: writeTableToFile

Available from: <Standard>

Writes a data table on a text file.


writeTableToFile [--addHeaders(Boolean)] [--fromRow(Numeric)] --delimiter(TextDelimiterOption) --characters(String) --lengths(List<Numeric>) [--path(String)] --dataTable(DataTable) (String)=value


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--addHeaders Add Header Optional Boolean When enabled, the name of each column is written on the first row of the table.
--fromRow From Row Optional Number Defines the line of the spreadsheet from which the table begins to be retrieved.
--delimiter Delimiter Required TextDelimiterOption Delimiter type used to separate the table columns. The following options for delimitation are available:
  • By Characters
  • By Length
  • --characters Separator Only whenDelimiter is ByCharacters Text Character used as a separator in each column of the table.
    --lengths Length Only whenDelimiter is ByLengths List<Number>, Text List with the length, in characters, of each column. These characters can be used with a list of numbers, or in a sequence with numbers separated by commas, such as: "1,2,3".
    --path Path Optional Text File path where the data table is written.
    If it is blank, a random path is generated in the "temp" folder on the hard drive.
    --dataTable Data Table Required Data Table Data table that will be written in the text file.


    Script Designer AcceptedTypes Description
    value Path Text Path of the file in which the text was written.


    The Write Table to File command does the following action: writes a data table on a text file, not going over fifteen characters per column, unless there are already over fifteen characters on the column.

    defVar --name excelFile --type Excel
    defVar --name excelTable --type DataTable
    defVar --name filePath --type String
    // Download the following file to execute the command.
    excelOpen tableExcelCompanyCity.xlsx excelFile=value
    excelGetTable --file ${excelFile} --getfirstsheet  --entiretable  tabelaExcel=value
    writeTableToFile --addHeaders  --delimiter "ByLengths" --lengths "15,3" --dataTable ${excelTable} filePath=value
    logMessage --message "Caminho: ${filePath}" --type "Info"

    Download File

    For the correct operation of the "scripts" above, it is necessary to "download" the file and enter its path in the File parameter of the Open Excel File command.

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