Get Column Name

Verb: getColumnName

Gets the name of a column in a data table from its index.


getColumnName --dataTable(DataTable) --index(Numeric) (String)=value


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--dataTable Data Table Required Data Table Data table to get column name.
--index Index Required Number Index of the column from which the name is obtained.
The number must be between 1 and 2147483647. If it exceeds that range, the message "Value out of range" is returned.


Script Designer AcceptedTypes Description
value Name Text Returns the name of the obtained column.


The Get Column Name command returns the name of the column that was obtained at index "2" of the data table.

defVar --name excelFile --type Excel
defVar --name excelTable --type DataTable
defVar --name columnName --type String
// Data table with values.
excelOpen --file "tableExcelCompanyCity.xlsx" excelFile=value
excelGetTable --file ${excelFile} --getfirstsheet  --entiretable  --hasheaders  excelTable=value
getColumnName --dataTable ${excelTable} --index 2 columnName=value
excelClose --file ${excelFile}
logMessage --message "Obtained column name: ${columnName}" --type "Info"
// The example has the following output:
// Obtained column name: City

Download File

For the correct operation of the script above, it is necessary to download the file and enter its path in the File parameter of the Open Excel File command.


If the Data Table contains no explicitly defined header, by default columns will be given generic names such as "Column n" ("n" being the number of the column's position, e.g. Column 1)

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