Find Column by Name

Verb: findColumnByName

Available from: <Enterprise>

Finds the position of a column in a data table by searching for its name.


findColumnByName --dataTable(DataTable) --name(String) (Numeric)=value


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--dataTable Data Table Required Data Table Data table to find the columns.
--name Column Name Required Text Text with the name of the column to perform the search.
This parameter is not case sensitive, so columns accept lower case or upper case letters for searching.


Script Designer AcceptedTypes Description
value Column Number Returns the index number corresponding to the column position in the data table.


The Find Column by Name command finds the position of the "City" column within the specified data table and returns its index number.

defVar --name excelFile --type Excel
defVar --name excelTable --type DataTable
defVar --name columnIndex --type Numeric
// Download the following file to execute the command.
excelOpen --file "tableExcelCompanyCity.xlsx" excelFile=value
excelGetTable --file ${excelFile} --getfirstsheet  --entiretable  --hasheaders  excelTable=value
findColumnByName --dataTable ${excelTable} --name City columnIndex=value
logMessage --message "Column position found: ${columnIndex}" --type "Info"
excelClose --file ${excelFile}
// This example returns the following output:
// Column position found: 2

Download File

For the correct operation of the script above, it is necessary to download the file and enter its path in the File parameter of the Open Excel File command.

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