Submitting a support case

To help you troubleshoot problems when they arise, you can contact with IBM Support by opening support cases.

What to do before submitting your support case?

Some problems require a support case, but we have solutions already documented to specific problems. Look for relevant information in the Known issues, or in the Troubleshooting section. IBM also offers interim fix packs which might solve your problem, refer to Downloading iFixes for more information.

What to include in your support case?

Providing IBM® support with all the information to understand, locate, and reproduce a problem will allow for a faster resolution and less back-and-forth between yourself and the support team. To ensure the IBM® support team can assist you, consider the following items when writing your case:

  • Provide a full description of the issue. Example: what behavior is expected and what is wrong, under what conditions the problem occurs.
  • Reproduce the issue if applicable and be prepared to share the steps.
  • Provide the exact wording of all error messages related to your issue.
  • Include relevant logs and attach any screenshots that demonstrate the issue. To learn how to review operation logs, see Reviewing operation logs.

Opening a support case

  1. Go to the IBMIBM® Support 🡥 page.
  2. Log in with your IBM ID and password. Read the IBM Privacy Statement carefully, and consent to the terms to proceed.
  3. Click on Open a Case.
  4. Select the Product support if it is not already selected.
  5. Enter a detailed title that summarizes your problem.
  6. Leave the Product manufacturer field as IBM.
  7. Enter Robotic Process Automation as a Service.
  8. Select your version of IBM RPA.
  9. Select how urgent is your problem based on the descriptions provided for each option.
  10. Provide a detailed description of your problem.
  11. Select your preferred language.
  12. Choose what type of email content you want according to your case.
  13. Enter your client reference number.
  14. Enter your case contact number.
  15. Optional: Select the Case Template checkbox in case you want to save this case as a template for the future.
    1. Enter the case template file.
  16. Click Submit case


You've successfully submitted your case! IBM® support will contact you by email or call after your case is submitted.