IBM RPA script authoring considerations

This section lists IBM RPA script authoring considerations that you can employ in your organization while using IBM RPA Studio. You can apply these considerations in all IBM RPA offerings.

  • Use IBM RPA Vault when using sensitive data
    Protect your sensitive data by storing them in IBM RPA Vault. Although the IBM RPA Vault's main function is to store encrypted credentials, you can store any text data that you want.

    When you develop your script, you use the Get Vault Item (getVaultItem) command to securely get data from the IBM RPA Vault and store it in a secure variable type called Secure String. This action ensures your data stays secure even during your bots' runtime.

  • Publish often
    Publish your IBM RPA scripts often to the IBM RPA Control Center environment. Publishing puts the script under IBM RPA Control Center's embedded version control, diminishing the risk of losing script data.