Write Delimited Text Line to Text File

Verb: textWriteLineDelimited

Available from: <Standard>

Writes a line of text from a list, separated by a delimiter, into a text file.


textWriteLineDelimited --texts(List<String>) --delimiter(TextDelimiterOption) --characters(String) --lengths(List<Numeric>) --file(TextFileWriter)


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--texts Texts Required List<Text> Texts used for writing in the file, obtained from the list, separated by the chosen separator.
--delimiter Delimiter type Required TextDelimiterOption Option for selecting the delimiter type to use. The available delimiters are:
  • By Characters
  • By Length
  • --characters Separator Only whenDelimiter type is ByCharacters Text Character used as a separator in the text between each list element.
    --lengths Lengths Only whenDelimiter type is ByLengths List<Number>, Text The character lengths of each part of the final text. They can be used with a list of numbers or a sequence of numbers separated by commas, e.g. "1,2,3".
    --file Text writer Required Text File Writer Variable with the text file that should be opened for writing.


    Write a line of text, containing the given list, with the text separated by the "-" separator. The Open Text File for Writing command is used to open the file and the Write Delimited Text Line to Text File command for writing.

    defVar --name textsList --type List --innertype String --value "[IBM,Automation,Studio]"
    defVar --name filePath --type String
    defVar --name textWriter --type TextFileWriter
    getSpecialFolder --folder "Desktop" filePath=value
    // Open the file entered for writing.
    openTextWriter --mode "OpenOrCreate" --autoflush  --share "Write" --path "${filePath}\\textFile.txt" --encoding "Default" textWriter=value
    // Write inside the open file a line of text, with an informed list, separated by the delimiter "-".
    textWriteLineDelimited --texts ${textsList} --delimiter "ByCharacters" --characters "-" --file ${textWriter}

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