Write Boolean in Binary File

Verb: binaryWriteBool

Available from: <Standard>

Converts a boolean value to binary and writes it into a binary file.


binaryWriteBool --value(Variant) --file(BinaryFileWriter)


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--value Boolean Required Any Boolean value that should be written in binary in the file.
--file Binary file Required Binary File Writer Binary file used for writing.


Writes a boolean value to a binary file, also using the Open Binary File for Writing command to create this file.

defVar --name binaryWriter --type BinaryFileWriter
defVar --name boolean --type Boolean --value True
defVar --name filePath --type String
getSpecialFolder --folder "Desktop" filePath=value
openBinaryWriter --mode "OpenOrCreate" --autoflush  --share "Write" --path "${filePath}\\binaryFile.txt" --encoding "Default" binaryWriter=value
binaryWriteBool --value ${boolean} --file ${binaryWriter}
binaryFileClose --file ${binaryWriter}

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