Save Changes to Text File

Verb: textFlush

Saves all changes made to the available text file with the Open Text File for Writing command.


textFlush --file(TextFileWriter)


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--file Writer Required Text File Writer Variable that holds the text file that should be opened so that the changes made can be saved.


First, the Open Text File for Writing and Write in Text File commands are used to open the file for writing and writing to it, respectively. Then all changes made are saved using the Save Changes to Text File command.

defVar --name filePath --type String
defVar --name textWriter --type TextFileWriter
getSpecialFolder --folder "Desktop" filePath=value
// Open or create the text file for writing and return the variable with the file open for writing to it.
openTextWriter --mode "OpenOrCreate" --share "ReadWrite" --path "${filePath}\\text.txt" --encoding "Default" textWriter=value
// Write the text "IBM Robotic Process Automation" into the file.
textWrite --text "IBM Robotic Process Automation" --file ${textWriter}
// Save changes made to the open text file for writing.
textFlush --file ${textWriter}


The Save Changes to Text File command is used in situations where the Open Text File for Writing command has the Auto Flush option disabled.

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