Download from File System

Downloads a file from a cloud file system.

Command availability: IBM RPA SaaS and IBM RPA on premises

Script syntax

IBM RPA's proprietary script language has a syntax similar to other programming languages. The script syntax defines the command's syntax in the script file. You can work with this syntax in IBM RPA Studio's Script mode.

downloadStorage --fileSystem(FileSystem) --source(String) --target(String)


Use one of the following commands to connect to a storage provider:

Input parameters

The following table displays the list of input parameters available in this command. In the table, you can see the parameter name when working in IBM RPA Studio's Script mode and its Designer mode equivalent label.

Designer mode label Script mode name Required Accepted variable types Description
File System fileSystem Required File System File system connection variable. If nothing is specified in this parameter, the operating system's local file system is used by default.
Source Path source Required Text File path on the file system to be downloaded.
Target Path target Required Text Path to the location where the downloaded file should be saved.


Example 1:
This example downloads file.txt from the storage provider.

defVar --name connection --type FileSystem
defVar --name fileSavePath --type String
// Starts the connection to the Google Drive service.
googleDriveConnect --name GoogleDrive connection=value
getSpecialFolder --folder "Desktop" fileSavePath=value
downloadStorage --fileSystem ${connection} --source "/file.txt" --target "${fileSavePath}/file.txt"

Example 2:
This example downloads all the PDF files from the storage provider:

defVar --name drive --type FileSystem
defVar --name files --type List --innertype String
defVar --name myDocs --type String
defVar --name file --type String
defVar --name filename --type String
dropboxConnect --name dropbox drive=value
getSpecialFolder --folder "MyDocuments" myDocs=value
getFiles --path "/" --recursive  --filemask "*.pdf" --fileSystem ${drive} files=value
foreach --collection "${files}" --variable "${file}"
	getFileInfo --path "${file}" filename=name
	downloadStorage --fileSystem ${drive} --source "${file}" --target "${myDocs}\\${filename}"
	logMessage --message "Downloading ${filename}" --type "Info"
Note:You must provide a valid connection to the storage provider.