Publishing the script

Publish a script so you can schedule it to run unattended, or launch it on demand. The second task that you need to accomplish to automatize a process is to publish the script through the IBM RPA Studio.


This procedure assumes that you completed the "Creating the script" task.

Before you publish your script, make sure you comply with the following requirements:

Product requirements
IBM RPA Studio license

User requirements

  • User access to a tenant
  • Permission to use IBM RPA Studio application
  • Permission to create or manage a script

For more information about how to manage user's roles and permissions, see Procedure for managing user's roles.

Script considerations

Before you publish your script, save it with a unique name, and make sure that it doesn't have syntax errors, like incorrect parameter values, or missing any required information.


The following video explains how you can publish your script. It also explains how to define the expected duration for the script's runtime, and how to change this duration on IBM RPA Control Center.

The following steps describe how you can publish the script. They show the steps in a generic way, and don't refer to whole steps shared in the previous video.

  1. Open the IBM RPA Studio application.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. In the Home tab, click the Publish button. If your script isn't saved locally, the application prompts you to save the script.
  4. In the Name field, enter an unique name for the script.
  5. In the Description field, enter a description which add useful information about what you added or updated in your script.
  6. Optional: Set Allow scheduling to On.
  7. Optional: Set Set as production to On.
  8. Optional: Click the Show advanced options text to edit the script run time. Enter the following values:
    • In the Green time field, enter the ideal duration that the script's runtime must take. The default is 2 minutes.
    • In the Yellow Time field, enter the average duration that the script's runtime must take. The default is 2 minutes.
    • In the Red time field, enter the maximum duration allowed for the script's runtime. The default is 2 minutes.
  9. Click Save.


A green check appears on the script tab to indicate that the script is published. Now, you can go to the next task to deploy it.