SMS Modem

Verb: modemConnect

Available from: <Enterprise>

Connects to a 3G/4G modem to set a data transmission rate for a specified communication port in order to create a connection with the SMS provider.


modemConnect --portname(String) --baudrate(Numeric) [--timeout(TimeSpan)] (SmsProvider)=value


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--portname Port Name Required Text Name of the communication port.
--baudrate Baud Rate for connection Required Number Bit rate data rate assigned to a communication port, which is defined in the Port Name parameter.
--timeout Timeout Optional Time Span, Number, Text Maximum time interval to wait for SMS to be sent.


Script Designer AcceptedTypes Description
value SMS Provider Sms Returns the connection to the SMS provider.


The SMS Modem sets the default baud rate "9600" for a communication port so that it can send an SMS via the SMS provider connection, resulting from the settings made in the command parameters.

defVar --name commPort --type String --value COM4
defVar --name transmissionRate --type Numeric --value 9600
defVar --name providerSMS --type SmsProvider
// Connects to the modem.
modemConnect --portname "${commPort}" --baudrate ${transmissionRate} --timeout 00:01:00 providerSMS=value
smsSend --provider ${providerSMS} --from "+14255550100" --to "+14255550122" --text "SMS Test"


For its correct operation, the Modem must be installed and plugged into the machine that will run the runtime, configured on the correct COM port, an active and signed GSM chip, in addition to a valid credit or SMS package.

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