Identity Providers

Identity providers offer user authentication as a service, IBM RPA Control Center acts as a gateway for a series of external identity providers services that supports the OpenID Connect (OIDC) 🡥 standard.

Starting from IBM RPA on premises version 23.0.8, Platform administrators can create and integrate external identity providers into the platform, providing improved security and centralized user management. These providers become available when you create new tenants from this version onwards, where you can assign one custom identity provider to the tenant for Single Sign-on authentication.

Local identity provider

The Local identity provider serves as the standard IBM RPA platform account, this provider is the only provider that can access V2 APIs. Users that use the Local identity provider authenticate through IBM RPA username and password.

Tenant administrators can manage users' identity providers by seamlessly switching between the tenants' custom identity provider and the Local identity provider. For more information, see the Managing users topic.

The following topic apply to IBM RPA on premises only.