IBM RPA Launcher security aspects

The IBM RPA Launcher is a client-side component. You use the IBM RPA Launcher to run bots manually on your computer.

  • Authentication method
    The IBM RPA Launcher component enforces an OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token authentication method during its startup by default. Other components, like IBM RPA Studio, IBM RPA Vault, and IBM RPA Control Center, also enforce this method. You can change the default authentication method to Single Sign-On (SSO) during the on-premises installation of IBM RPA. The authentication process uses secure HTTPS communication. For more information about the authentication method of client-side IBM RPA components, see IBM RPA Studio's authentication method. For more information about SSO, see IBM Robotic Process Automation Single Sign-On.

  • Data encryption
    Data exchanged between the IBM RPA Launcher and the IBM RPA's API uses a secure HTTPS connection. This component generates logs and stores them locally in a file. Sensitive information is secured using the Windows Data Protection resource. See Microsoft's documentation for details about this resource.