This section details the Schedules interface in the IBM RPA Control Center.

Important:Starting from IBM RPA 23.0.7, Scheduling scripts is deprecated. Use Scheduling bots instead. For more information, see Deprecated.

Before you begin

If you wish to schedule scripts, read the following pages:

You must have permission to manage scripts. See Default roles for more information on what roles have this permission.

⚠ Attention: You must account for the deployment option that you are going to use if you are mixing more than one option on the same IBM RPA client. Both orchestrating and scheduling scripts are asynchronous deployments; launching scripts, chatbots, or triggering scripts by using the client-side API are synchronous deployments. If you set a synchronous deployment and an asynchronous deployment to run at the same time, it is possible that one of them fails to run.


In this page, you can search for active or inactive schedules. These are the following fields for searching:

Select a published script in the repository.

Select the script version that is scheduled.

Search for the name of the schedule.

Enabled only
Only searches for active schedules.

🛈 Remember: Fill at least one field to search for a script's schedules. To search for all schedules, click Search without filling any field.