Running concurrent scripts

You can run concurrent bots simply starting the same bot multiple times or different bots at the same time on a computer. You can start those bots using the same strategy or combining strategies.

About this task

The following procedure lists different strategies to run multiple bots on the same computer. You can use the same strategy multiple times or combine them.

Before you begin


Use one or more strategies to start your bots:

  • Schedule scripts to the same time frame
    You can schedule the same script multiple times to the same time frame or schedule different scripts to the same time frame. See Scheduling scripts to learn how to schedule scripts.
Important:Starting from IBM RPA 23.0.7, Scheduling scripts is deprecated. Use Scheduling bots instead. For more information, see Deprecated.
  • Create multiple launch buttons
    You can create multiple buttons to your IBM RPA Launcher to launch the same bot or multiple bots at the same time. A limitation is if your bot uses the computer screen's foreground. See Configuring a launcher to learn how to launch bots.

  • Call the bot via API
    You can call the bots via the API. You could call the same bot multiple times or multiple bots at the same time. Use any technology you want to generate the HTTPS requests. See Calling scripts via API for details.

  • Use an orchestration process
    You can use an orchestration process to automatically start bots concurrently. The orchestrator takes care of balancing the workload across the available computers. For more information, see Orchestrating scripts.