Configuring an orchestration process

Learn how to configure an orchestration process in IBM RPA Control Center and leverage automatic workload balancing and concurrent bots' operation.

Before you begin

  1. Publishing a script. This script must get the current message from the queue.
  2. Optional: Configure a queue provider.
  3. Create a queue.
  4. Create a runtime server type computer.
Attention:For IBM RPA on premises offering only: Due to an MSMQ limitation, when you use it as your system queue provider, you must install the IBM RPA server and the client on the same subnet in order to schedule or orchestrate scripts.
- The **Queues runtime percentage** field on computer settings for the runtime server should be higher than zero.

See the Scheduling and orchestration processes do not work when using MSMQ troubleshooting page.


Follow the steps in the sequence to configure an orchestration process:

  1. Log in to your IBM RPA Control Center environment.
  2. In the side menu, click Workflow > Processes > New Process.
  3. Edit the general settings.
  4. Edit the SLA configuration.
  5. Edit the steps settings.
  6. Edit the variables settings.


The orchestration process is in effect right after you complete the previous procedure. You can monitor the orchestration process in the control panel:

  1. In IBM RPA Control Center's side menu, click Workflow
  2. Click Processes.
  3. Find the process you want to monitor, click the vertical ellipsis button and click Control Panel.

Alternatively, you can click Workflow > Control Panel and filter for your orchestration process.

What to do next

After the queues and process are set up, you must populate the message queue to start the orchestration. See Starting an orchestration process.