Commands to simulate the orchestration process

You can use commands to simulate the orchestration process in IBM RPA Studio by creating mock messages. Mock messages enable you to test scripts from the orchestration process without enqueuing real messages.

  • Mock Process (mockProcess) command
    Creates a mock message in an orchestration process' input queue. This command begins the simulation scope.

  • End Mock Process (endMockProcess) command
    Ends the simulation scope.

  • Mock Process Variable (mockProcessVariable) command
    Simulates the binding of orchestration process' variables with the script's variables.

Note:You don't need to remove mock commands from the script. During the orchestration process, these commands are ignored by the Bot Runtime environment.

When simulating the orchestration process, you still need to dequeue messages from the input queue. See Get the current message from the input queue to learn what commands to use to dequeue messages during the orchestration process.