Bots does not run with pending status

Your bot does not run after a maintenance activity and keep its status as Pending. After some time, it's possible that some of the bots run.


Your bot does not run and keep its status as Pending.


The client computer lost connection to the server computer, thus not connecting to the queues that distribute jobs. The computer can lose connection to the server computer due to maintenance or upgrade activities.

Diagnosing the problem

On either the client or the server logs, you should see error messages related to connection issues with queues. Here is an example of what you should look for in the server logs: "Job example000 was canceled as no computer was online or couldn't enqueue the message."

Resolving the problem

On the target client machines where you want your bots to run, restart the IBM Robotic Process Automation Agent service through the following procedure:

  1. On Windows®, open the Task Manager.
  2. Go to the Services tab.
  3. Search for the service named IBM Robotic Process Automation Agent.
  4. Right-click the row and select Restart.