Upgrading the IBM RPA SaaS client

Learn how to upgrade the IBM RPA SaaS client.

Before you begin

You must have an older version of IBM RPA SaaS client that is installed on the host machine.


To upgrade the client, run the IBM RPA client installer. If the installer identifies that the host machine has an older version of the IBM RPA SaaS client installed, you get prompted to initiate the upgrade process.

During the upgrade process, you can't update previous configuration, but the installer prompts you to set optional configuration that were not set before and new features.
The installer steps are the same as when installing the IBM RPA SaaS client. For more information about each configuration step, see Installing the client using the installer.

⚠ Important: If you are upgrading to from version 23.0.1 or below to IBM RPA 23.0.2 or above, you must review your computer's capacity on IBM RPA Control Center because version 23.0.2 removed license IDs, which defined the amount of bot runtimes computers had. Default capacity is 1. See Modifying computer's capacity for details.

❕ Remember: The upgrade process does not erase log files.

If you experience issues with upgrading, see Troubleshooting the IBM RPA SaaS installation or contact IBM Support 🡥 if the troubleshooting section doesn't list your issue.

Upgrading certificates

If you are upgrading from version 20.12.x or lower, you need to upgrade your certificate after the IBM RPA upgrade procedure.

  1. Log in to the IBM RPA Control Center.
  2. Go to Configuration > Computers.
  3. Search for your computer ID, which might be your computer's hostname.
  4. Click Actions > Download certificate.
  5. Run the certificate file to install the new license certificate.