Navigating to web chat in IBM RPA SaaS

Learn how to navigate to the web chat to chat with the chatbot if you use IBM RPA SaaS offering.

About this task

The Direct Line web chat channel is the default communication channel when you create a chatbot instance, referred to as web chat. You can interact with the chatbot directly on a web page using the Direct Line web chat's URL.

Before you begin

Take the following actions:

  1. Request a chatbot instance. See Requesting a chatbot instance for instructions.
  2. Create a chat mapping for your IBM RPA chatbot script. See Creating a chat mapping for instructions.


  1. Navigate to the URL: https://<REGION><BOTHANDLE>.
  2. Enter the IBM RPA tenant region where is <REGION>.
  3. Enter the bot handle where is <BOTHANDLE>. Use the same bot handle you use to create your chatbot instance.

See Tenant regions to learn more about IBM RPA tenant's region.


You can use the Web Chat channel to chat with the IBM RPA chatbot.

What to do next

Follow the procedures if you receive the message, "Sorry, looks like I won’t be able to answer you now, try later."

  1. Navigate to https://<REGION><BOTHANDLE> to verify the Bot API status.
  2. Check if you have Bot Runtime licenses available. Your bot uses one Bot Runtime license for each user interacting in the chat. See License page (https://localhost:8099/web/en-US/license) for more information.
  3. Check in the <online> XML tag if the computer entered in the chat mapping is online.
  4. Open a case in the IBM Support 🡥 if your bot did not work.
Important:Starting from version 23.0.3, the License page (https://localhost:8099/web/en-US/license) isn't available anymore because of the removal of License ID and License password and implementation of installation keys. For details on proxy, region, or status, go to the IBM RPA Client page (https://localhost:8099/web/en-US/ibmrpaclient) instead.