What's new in IBM Robotic Process Automation on Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform 23.0.5

Release date: 2 May 2023

Version 23.0.5 of IBM Robotic Process Automation fixes issues that were detected by users or reported by the developers in previous versions. Discover more by browsing the sections in this document.

For previous release notes on the 23.0.x mainstream, see Previous releases.

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This version introduces the following enhancements:

Enhancements to Fuzzy variable types

If you use Fuzzy sets and variables in your bots, this version introduces the following changes to better support the Fuzzy variable type:

  • You no longer need to create a Numeric variable to assign values to a Fuzzy variable. Use the Assign Variable (setVar) command to assign values directly to the Fuzzy variable.
  • Fuzzy variables no longer return an error if an entry value does not belong to the Fuzzy set. The variable now returns 0 instead.
  • The Evaluate (evaluate) command now identifies and suggests Fuzzy variable types in the Expression parameter.

Option to enable FIPS in tenants

On version 23.0.3, newly created tenants had FIPS 140-2 compliance enabled by default. However, this might negatively affect compatibility with earlier versions of the product. Thus, Platform Administrators can now choose to enable FIPS compliance when they create a new tenant.

For more information about how to create a new tenant and to learn more about FIPS compliance, see the following topics:

Extract Address command requires an API key

Following the deprecation of the pre-established API key in version 23.0.3, you must now use your own Google™ Geocoding API key in the Extract Address (extractAddress) command.

Fixed issues

This version fixes previous known issues that are found by users. Customer issues are reported as authorized program analysis reports (APAR), which is how IBM documents, tracks, and fixes problems.

Server-side fixes

  • [APAR DT196994] Fixed an issue that would cause an error when trying to get the access token from the API.
  • [APAR DT208748] Fixed an issue that prevented the server's API service from starting automatically after upgrading the server.
  • [APAR DT211269] Fixed an issue that would cause an error with Single Sign-On for users imported from LDAP.

Client-side fixes

  • [APAR DT209572] Fixed an issue in which IBM RPA Studio was unable to calculate Excel formulas.
  • [APAR DT209941] If a tenant has FIPS compliance enabled, connections made with the Connect to Terminal (terminalConnect) command must use TLS encryption.
  • [APAR DT211117] Fixed an issue that caused a ghost window to appear after starting the IBM RPA Launcher on Citrix™.
  • [APAR DT210900] Fixed an issue in which the Recognize Image Text or PDF (recognizeText) command would fail to identify editable fields in PDF files.

Documentation updates

Following the 23.0.3 IVR removal, the IVR tutorials and reference materials were removed from the documentation. The documentation for the commands are still available, but they can no longer be used in the newer versions of IBM RPA Studio. This change does not affect Chatbot commands.