What's new in IBM Robotic Process Automation on Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform 23.0.4

Release date: 4 April 2023

Version 23.0.4 of IBM Robotic Process Automation features the introduction of Running bots from IBM RPA Control Center. It also brings content updates as well as fixes to issues that were detected by users or reported by the developers in previous versions. Discover more by browsing the sections in this document.

For previous release notes on the 23.0.x mainstream, see Previous releases.

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Enhancements that are introduced on this version can be seen in the topic below.

Running bots from IBM RPA Control Center

Now, you can run bots at the click of a button through the IBM RPA Control Center. The whole managing bots documentation got updated based on the improvements. Check Running bots from IBM RPA Control Center for more details.

Support for OpenShift Container Platform 4.12

Starting from this version, IBM Robotic Process Automation supports OpenShift Container Platform 4.12🡥.

Fixed issues

This version fixes previous known issues that are found by users. Customer issues are reported as authorized program analysis reports (APAR), which is how IBM documents, tracks, and fixes problems.

Server-side fixes

  • [APAR DT196738] Users that are imported from an LDAP group are given the correct permissions without the need to import each user individually.
  • [APAR DT197186] IBM RPA recognizes that an LDAP user has been imported, even if the username is not an email.
  • [APAR DT198692] Fixed an issue where the Certificate test on the Proxy configuration page was not working.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to create two parameters with the same name, replacing the existing parameter.
  • Fixed an issue where scripts downloaded from IBM RPA Control Center would not run after being loaded into IBM RPA Studio.

Client-side fixes

  • [APAR DT197454] If you choose the Legacy NLP provider in the Set NLP Provider (setNlpProvider) command, mathematical symbols next to numeric characters are no longer interpreted as currency symbols.
  • [APAR DT198007] It is no longer necessary to enter the root node in the Expand Tree (expandTree) command if the root node is expanded.
  • [APAR DT203300] You no longer need to restart the machine after a schedule fails due to an authentication issue. Log in again to IBM RPA to reauthenticate your machine.
  • [APAR DT208425] Fixed an issue where the Click on Menu command would get stuck in the client environment after clicking the SAP menu options.
  • [APAR DT197998] Fixed an issue where the Zip Files (zip) command did not work with files larger than 4GB.
  • Fixed an issue where the environment variable for JAVAHOME was added twice after upgrading the IBM RPA Client.
  • The Save Office File As (officeSaveAs) command now displays an error message if an exception occurs during the API call.
  • Fixed an issue where the IBM RPA Client updater dialog had translation errors in languages other than English.
  • Fixed an issue where scripts with blank lines before variable declarations would fail to run in IBM RPA Studio.
  • Fixed an issue where the Wait for Element in a Web Page (webWaitElement) command was generating an error if a value was not defined in the Timeout parameter of the command.
  • The If File Exists (ifFile) command no longer checks if directories exist to avoid false positives.
  • Fixed an issue where the Get Files (getFiles) command would fail to filter equivalent extensions if one was in uppercase and the other in lowercase.

Content updates

In this topic you can follow the updates made to the IBM Robotic Process Automation documentation.

Managing orchestrator process' instances

Added new information about which versions can run some actions in the orchestration process and instance handling. See Managing orchestrator process' instances for more details.

Update connection strings

Added a new statement to existent procedures, so users can know that they need to create the connection string for the WORDNET database with the "MultipleActiveResultSets=True" keyword pair. See Database connection secret for more information.