Release notes

The release notes are responsible for informing users of IBM Robotic Process Automation products and services news such as command enhancements, new features implemented and their benefits, new commands and the purpose for which they were created. Even though IBM RPA strives for a no breaking changes policy, it is possible they happen. If applicable, you can see breaking changes a new version introduces in the release notes of that version.

Release notes per offering

Known issues and limitations

See a detailed list of the product's Known issues and limitations with their respective workarounds.

Deprecated and removed functions

The IBM Robotic Process Automation platform is evolving continuously, and as technology improves, some functions become obsolete or get deprecated from support. See Deprecated and removed functions for more information.

Security bulletins

Stay informed about known security vulnerabilities and fixes for IBM Robotic Process Automation by subscribing to security bulletins. See Subscribing to security bulletins.