Browser tabs

Although you can have multiple tabs open, IBM Robotic Process Automation considers each browser tab independently. Your bot can interact with only one tab at a time, therefore, when working with multiple browser tabs, you need to switch tabs whenever you want to interact with a different tab.

IBM RPA can work only with tabs from the web automation scope. This means it can only interact with tabs generated by commands inside the Start Browser (webStart) command scope.

Use the Find or Attach Tab (webWaitTab) command to search for a tab and attach it to the web automation scope, making it the active tab.

Starting and closing the browser

Use the following commands to start or close a new browser tab or window:

Note:The selected browser must be installed in the client's computer.

Switch browsers and browser tabs

Use these commands to switch between current browser instances or browser tabs:

  • Find or Attach Tab command
    Searches for an open tab in the browser and attaches it to the current active browser.

  • Associate browser command
    Attaches an open tab in a browser to the current active browser.

  • Close browser tab command
    Closes the active browser instance.

Finding browser

Find an open browser instance using the Find Internet Explorer Browser command.

This command searches for an Internet Explorer browser window open on your device and attaches it to a new browser instance in the script.

Use the Find window or Attach window commands to manipulate the browser window.

Browser actions

Use the following commands to perform actions in the current active browser:

  • Navigate command
    Navigate to a specific web page.

  • Refresh web page command
    Refreshes a web page.

  • Forward To Next Page command
    Advances to the next web page recorded in the browsing history.

  • Back to Previous Page command
    Returns to the previous web page recorded in the browsing history.

  • Handle alert command
    Handles alerts that may appear while web browsing and can either accept or ignore them.