Recorder overview

For your bot to interact with an application's controls, you need to reference them using selectors. In IBM RPA Studio' recorder, you can watch the attributes of the controls and create commands automatically.

Mapped control menu options

On the recorder, the menu bar displays new options based on the type of control or web element when you map it. The common options are:

  • Window
    Groups commands that act on the window where the mapped control is located.

  • Browser
    Groups commands that act on the browser where the mapped web element is located.

  • Verify
    Groups commands to check the status of the control or web element.

  • Actions
    Groups commands to interact with the mapped control or web element. The commands in this menu vary according to the type of the mapped control.

  • Image Grid
    Groups commands to interact with Grids.

Use the recorder's suggested commands to automatically create the command with the selector you choose. You can also select the Auto Suggest option so the recorder uses the selector that it deems most appropriate.

Add commands straight from the recorder's bar

Search for other commands by using the Add commands search field on the recorder's bar. Click the field, enter a command name, fill the parameters, and save it.

The parameters for the commands are not automatically completed. If you mapped a control or web element, you can look at the Control Tree by clicking the control or web element identifier next to the search field.

The following video shows how you can use this field to add commands to your script.

Note: This video has no narration.

Types of automation that you can develop with recorder

Use the IBM RPA Studio’s recorder to automate tasks that need manipulation of virtual desktops or web applications, such as the following:

  • Windows automation
    Automation of Windows™ applications. Use the recorder to record application's controls and manipulate them.

  • Web automation
    Automation of web applications. Use the recorder to record your actions on the browser, adding commands to your script.

  • Surface automation
    Automation based on images and texts visible on a desktop screen. Use the recorder's Snipping Tool or Screen Capture Tool to take screen captures of computer's screens to snip static images.

IBM RPA education courses

The following courses offer texts, videos, and other support materials on the Windows, Web, and Surface automations with IBM RPA. They provide concepts that you can practice with use cases: