Capturing static images with recorder

Use the recorder's Snipping Tool or Screen Capture Tool to take screen captures of computer's screens to snip static images and develop your scripts with surface automation techniques. Surface automation work around limitations to map application controls like in virtual desktop automation.

Important:The Snipping Tool and Screen Capture Tool do not depend on any driver.

After you snip images with these tools, you can add commands to click a button or a field, wait for an image to appear, or get an image text by using the image as an anchor. You can also use the image as an asset in your script.

  • Screen Capture Tool
    The Screen Capture Tool capture rectangle-shaped snips from the computer's screen so that you can map images for surface automation scripts. To activate it, press the Print Screen key on keyboard after your start the recorder.

  • Snipping Tool
    The Snipping Tool takes a screen capture of the computer's screen and capture rectangle-shaped snips from it. The captured image can be used as a reference for a click or converted into a script asset.