Setting values to fields in a PDF Form

Learn how to set values to editable fields like input fields, radio buttons, and check boxes with aid of the Fields Mapper tool within IBM RPA Studio.

Before you begin

Before you set values to fields, you must open a PDF instance. If you use the Fields Mapper tool, it automatically adds the command to open the PDF file. For more information, see Opening, closing, and saving PDF files.


Use the Fields Mapper tool within IBM RPA Studio to map fields in a PDF Form and assign values to them:

  1. Open this tool by clicking Tools > Fields Mapper.
  2. From the Selection tab, select Set.
  3. Click the field that is highlighted in green to set a value.

It automatically prompts the Assign Value to PDF (pdfSetValue) command to you. In the Value parameter, enter the value to set to the field. For radio buttons or check boxes, set the value On or Off.

The Fields Mapper tool opened. In the image, the user clicks the Set option, and choose a field to set a value.
Figure 1. The image shows how to map a field with the Fields Mapper tool, and set a value to that field.