Editing the orchestration process' variables

You need to configure the orchestration process' variables during the orchestration process setup. You can bind these variables to your scripts to persist data and track change history.

About this task

This procedure is part of the steps to configure an orchestration process. See Configuring an orchestration process for more information.


In the Variables tab, fill out the following form:

  • In Variable Name, enter the variable name.
  • In Type, select the variable type.
  • Set Business Key to On.
Note:You need at least one variable set as a business key.


You can add as many variables as you want. During the orchestration process, you can watch the values of orchestration process' variables in real-time on IBM RPA Control Center's dashboards.

What to do next

After finishing the orchestration process setup, you can send messages to the input queues to automatically start the orchestration process. You can audit the process in the Control Panel. For more information, see Configuring an orchestration process.