Print Text

Verb: printRawString

Prints text on a specific printer.


printRawString --text(String) [--selectPrinter(Boolean)] --printer(String) (Boolean)=value


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--text Text Required Text Text that should be printed.
--selectPrinter Select Printer Optional Boolean When enabled, the name of the printer responsible for printing the text is informed.
--printer Printer Name Only whenSelect Printer is True Text Name of the printer that should be set as the system default.
The printer name is changed according to the printers available on the machine where the command is executed.


Script Designer AcceptedTypes Description
value Success(Obsolete) Boolean Returns "True" if the print is successful, or "False" otherwise.


The Print Text command prints the text imported by the Import Asset command, using a standard printer obtained with Get Default Printer. At the end, printing success is returned.

import --name printText --type "File" --content VGVzdGUgZGUgaW1wcmVzc+NvIHBhcmEgbyBjb21hbmRvICJJbXByaW1pciBUZXh0byIu --extension ".txt"
defVar --name success --type Boolean
defVar --name printer --type String
defVar --name filePath --type String
export --asset "${asset.printText}" filePath=value
// Get the default printer.
getDefaultPrinter printer=value
// Print the text.
printRawString --text "${filePath}" --selectPrinter  --printer "${printer}" success=value
logMessage --message "${success}" --type "Info"
// Returns the success of the impression.

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